The Employee’s All Hands

If “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” then definitely “All gyaan and no audience participation make an All- Hands a dull show”. Hence, the last week’s QBO Offerings All Hands was themed on this key stakeholder i.e “We, the Flag-bearers”. Here is a quick recap of the event –

The Captain’s Reflections

Leadership isn’t always about doing things out of the box, its rather about keeping things simple by making yourself as the role-model for the entire team. The below quote below sums it up all


Hence when the QBO Offerings Captain Sumanta Das shared his reflections, the connect between his failures and message for the team didn’t perplex as a textbook lesson rather shone as a model each of us can follow in our small pockets. Not shying away from his mistakes i.e Being Overconfident, Not Influencing Enough, Not Letting Go and Investing enough time on Self Learning set the ball rolling for the session as we learnt that its always good to to have mistakes and correct them. Some of the takeaways for the team –

  • Thinking BOLD
  • Provoking Yourself, Challenging the  Status Quo
  • Doing  What is Right for Our Customers
  • We Always Have Time
  • Having FUN!


Photo Sep 21, 3 22 21 PM.jpg

The Team Huddle

When you are captain, you are never speaking for yourself, you speak for the team. Every team here imbibes a core Intuit value driving them to key successes both off and on the field. This next section of the All Hands was of the teams, by the teams and for the teams : their big wins in the last year, their pain-points and thanking them for all the good work last year.

  • Team Deliver Awesome (Supplies)


    • Deliver Awesome is a synonym for this team, whether its launching the Shipping Test, IPD Redesign  or improving the upload Logo experience or integrating SEO and RUM, the team rose to every occasion through every change they had last year.
    • For the upcoming year the team would like to focus on improving the On-boarding experience, improving the Tech Debt and Automation pieces and utilising the UT space.
  • Team Decisive (VOC)


    • Being Decisive in solving the right Customer VOC’s is a forte of this team, adding critical functionality toRefund Receipts, recurring transaction, Purchase Order , Reminders are some such examples.
    • For the upcoming year the team like to focus on gaining further product and domain knowledge, focusing on the right set of tools and delivering also through whitespace time.


  • Be Bold (DTM) and Win Together ( In-direct Tax)


    • Team Fun as they are known, this team has challenged the bar whether its the zero bug backlog, improving the Unit Test Coverage from 4 to 80% or delivering a Payroll NPS of + 20. The Indirect Team has not only built POC’s around COA React/React-Native but also contributed back to Harmony with good collaboration across distributed teams.
    • For the upcoming year the team like to focus on Core UI skills and projects, improving processes to increase developer productivity and utilising whitespace time.
  • Be Passionate ( Self Help)


    • Passion runs in their veins. Successful project transition hi-lighted by the first release during KT period, 20 further releases, innovation experiments within the product, following the Dev-Ops model and working on a huge tech-stack are some key highlights of the passionate work by this team.
    • For the upcoming year the team like to focus on improvements around Sprint Planning, Work Prioritization and carrying forward these rapid experiments through UT.

On the Spot : The Panel Discussion

There’s a lot to being an Awesome Engineer than the letters which make up the word, and to discover the secret recipe we put our vice-captains in a spot. This time the panel discussion had a slight twist, the barrage of questions was released only in the death-overs leaving no time for any preparation. Here are a few of the highlights from the session:-



  • Would you like engineers to explore breadth OR depth?
    • Given new innovations in technology ruling the world, while its important to learn different tech-stacks, engineers should focus on the core-logic behind all of them, no matter the advancement the core principle remains untouched. This basic understanding will not only help engineers going deep solving complex challenges but also help adapt the breadth of new frameworks in the field with ease.
  • What does it take for an engineer in Intuit to be OUTSTANDING?
    • This completely depends on the role an engineer is playing. SE I and SE II are expected to be passionate, showing the thrive to learn both the tech and domain stack and building the key expertise. When you reach a level of SSE or Staff Engineer the above skills may be good to have, additionally engineers should be able to design for building the right set of customer solutions, handle critical product escalations and also mentor the next line of engineers. There’s no given rulebook for the same, an outstanding engineer will always find a way out when put against the wall.


  • Whom will you give more value: A developer who gives quality code but takes time or a developer who just finishes early without taking care of quality?
    • Quality is something which can’t be overlooked, find the right balance between both quality and timelines is something which differentiates a good engineer from an excellent one. As developers, its our responsibility not only to deliver the key functionality, but ensure the key functionality works as expected in all customer scenarios.


  • How do you manage conflict when engineer challenges you on either design, timelines etc?
    • Conflict is healthy for a team, its an indication the team is willing to challenge the status-quo and willing to put forward what they think is best for the customers. The magic formula for solving these conflicts isdefining the key matrixes on which all the approaches/solutions are weighed against, once that is well defined these conflicts converge towards an optimal solution which suits everyone.

The session also threw light on other essentials in building up an Awesome Engineer whiz Self Motivation, Examples of Going Above and Beyond, building the right set of expertise for budding engineers etc.

An Engineer’s View

With this we came to the dusk of this Employee’s All Hands or in other words arrived at the dawn of the new year, well prepared, focused on solving the right set, energised taking the right steps forward and well-knit tackling any problem together. The key takeaway from this session for me :-

Its never about the Jira stories, the agile dashboards or the project timelines which define what we do as engineers at Intuit. We all have a engineer in us which follows a trait he/she is highly passionate about, this trait is unique to all of us, something which others won’t understand in all situations . The real challenge out here is to source the energy from this trait in whatever we do, no matter how tough the situation is don’t lose this trait, as long as we do this one thing, other things will eventually fall for us not only at Intuit but any journey we take in life”


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