Two to Tango, Three to Jive

Tango and Jive would be the last two words to describe anything related to me, dance being not my cup of tea. However, just like the spirit of the dance-forms following is an attempt to describe a sweet friendship which 2015 gifted me.

The sea’s serenity blew me away every time I visited the Goan beaches,
Until I came across him and the inspiring lessons of life he teaches.
Simplicity, friendliness and passion exemplifies what is he all about,
Such a gem is difficult to find, his friends will agree without any doubt.

Cometh the other vertex of this unadulterated friendship  triangle
The sweet, caring, sparkling,compassionate, spirited angel.
She will often stump both of us with her childish innocence,
A strong and an independent girl who hates any kind of nuisance.

Having both of them as friends in my life makes me feel astounded,
Despite all pamper to this kid, they ensure that my feet are grounded.
The best part about being with them and our unending conversations,
Is the care for each other we share, free from any worldly inhibitions.

The one thing that is the theme of this silly  poetic creation,
The bond of trust which we three share and the mutual admiration.
If I had a time-machine, would pause for a look at the last 365 days,
And would live again those moments as if they were put on replays.

Now you would have guessed why I picked up the most lively dance steps,
Their sweetness surpasses the taste from the servings of the best crepes.
Some say it takes two to tango but for me its the three that make jives,
All I yearn for at this moment is a wish that this friendship thrives.


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