Intuit:- It’s all about the people

Last week as a part of the IntuitAllDay event at campus, was given the opportunity to share my journey-line so far at the company.

Excerpts from the speech:-

It was strange leaving home this morning, while catching the early morning flight; was filled up with a lot of emotions- coming back to alma mater. Trying to find the one thing from the last two years of my life which you all could relate to and at the same time ensuring it doesn’t turn into a gyaan session. Before any of the lectures, I have a story to tell you all. There are two parts to it and it’s something that’s very close to my heart.

How many of you here are a part of CEL ( Centre of Entrepreneurial  Leadership)?

How many of you here know about its past successful Presidents?

Shanantu at Standford, Aakash at IIM-B, Kedar at FMS.

Among all those successes there is an uncanny failure story. Just after the year 2011, a young guy full of enthusiasm, energy and vigour was choose to lead CEL just like the Chosen Harry Potter he was destined to take the student body to newer heights.  Four months down the line, he tanked, couldn’t envision things further and resigned from the job. So how come the Chosen one become the down-trodden one?

Just one thing:- He forgot the biggest lesson in life, no matter what you do in life, it’s all about the people. He forgot that we should respect each other’s experiences, value feedback from everyone because at the end of the day it’s a team game and it’s important about winning together. So who is this foolish guy who couldn’t get this fundamental lesson of life? He is standing in front of you.

Fast-forward to 2014, this time me being at the other side of the coin. We had a situation where our yearly release was a few days away and we had found a critical bug, CD’s were out on shelves ready to be picked up by customers and we had to release a patch before it hits the customer box. After two days of efforts from the entire team, we managed to resolve it and it was certified. Just when everyone was getting ready to pack up, I enquired with my colleague:-“ Hey, not sure, but somehow the given workflow isn’t working on my box, am I doing something wrong?” Btw the guy in front of me is like Sachin of Cricket, 8 years at Inuit, has hardly ever put a foot wrong, replies:-“ If its failing for Amit, I guess we may have missed some corner workflow, let’s have a look at it”. I was amazed by his response, the value he had for my opinion and somehow from that day in life, I look at things differently, take opinions from everyone.

One more thing to add on here is this guy is  my mentor at Intuit, at face-value he is my biggest critic, someone who pushes me to improvise things- both in personal and professional life. How many of you watch Suits here? Heard of Harvey and Mike? He is like my Harvey! Just like me, you can find your Harvey out there !!

Now when l look back at my last two years and all my experiences whether its regular work, debugging sessions, war rooms, fun times, to summarize in one theme:- It’s about learning from people, learning from their failure/success and at Intuit you have the right people to learn from, so welcome aboard.


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