The Smile that says it all

Friends and sports were the two things which brought me a smile
Until I saw a sweet innocent face the whose beauty made me beguile
Soon I found no joy in Nadal’s thunderous & scintillating forehand
And so the tennis court seemed to be an unknown stretch of land.

Never in my life had I been ever humbled my someone’s simplicity
I just wish and pray that some magic a part of her felicity
Every time I feel like talking to her, I get nervous & run out of words
Or its just that none from the dictionary could describe simplicity of hers.

I still remember the days when I was crazy about Ronaldo’s freekick
Dunno why but now the sixty-yard football ground makes me sick
Not sure why this feeling and me being so much inspired to her
But would definitely be lucky to have someone special as graceful as her

No idea what she thinks of me or whether she even knows me at all
But I can say that my admiration for her would never come to a windfall.
She comes from a different world and perhaps is just opposite of me
However experiences suggest future is something none can foresee.

No one is important for me & no urgent work would take my time
Until and unless the reason behind her smile never meets a decline.
I don’t promise her bright stars and elegant moon
Just ensuring all the happiness comes to her very soon.


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