Plenty of a Penalty

As I stepped up to take up the very crucial spot kick,
Her thoughts and the sweet face made my mind sick.
Dunno what was the pressure getting into my nerves?
The goal in front or the gal with the beautiful curves.

Left, Right or center –Where should I place the ball?
For a second it seemed from the midst of the crowd I heard her call.
It was impossible to choose which was more the daunting task?
Winning the match for the team or an opportunity to have her ask.

The goalkeeper in front of the post posed to be a humongous figure,
However both situations- on field drama or my life, nothing could challenge my vigor
Past penalty misses and bitter heartbreaks completely rattled my mind,
I forgot the basic mantra- “Life pays back in full cash and kind.”

The referee’s whistle stuck a blow and my heartbeat stood still,
Somehow similar to my emotions for her, all way beyond my will.
A kick may seem unfair to settle all the two-hour long games,
Sometimes I fear a NO from her would end my love into cruel flames.


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