And there were three…


Roger, Rafa and Novak ..

9 years, 3 players to win the Wimbledon Championship, 9 divided by 3 gives you again a three.

So let us see the magic of the number three after the finals has ended.


Novak, the Djoker

  • He has three brothers (including Djokovic ); Marko and Srdjan being the younger two. Incidentally all three are tennis players.
  • At 12 years old, he spent three months at Nikola Pilić’s tennis academy in Munich, Germany before his international career began.
  • Three weeks after Wimbledon, he won his maiden title at the Dutch Open in Amersfoort in 2006.
  • He has played the longest best-of-three sets men’s singles match ever against Nadal in the finals of ATP Masters Madrid (4 hours and three minutes).
  • He has won three Grand Slams (two Aussie and One Wimbledon crown).
  • He is the third Serbian to become World Number One in tennis (since the division of Yugoslavia) Ana Ivanovic and Jelena  Janković being the other two
  • From the 2010 Davis Cup finals to the 2011 French Open, Djokovic had a 43-match win streak, third only to Guillermo Vilas and Ivan Lendl.
  • Djokovic is the youngest player in the Open Era to defeat the top three players in succession when he defeated world number 3 Andy Roddick, world number 2 Nadal, and World number 1 Federer in the 2007 Rogers Cup.
  • He has stayed as World No 3 for most consecutive weeks at number, 91 to be precise.
  • He is the winner of the first “Big 3” tournaments in one season(2011); i.e Australian Open – Indian Wells Masters – Miami Masters and incidentally shares the record with other three greats; Roger Federer, Andre Agassi, Pete Sampras
  • By winning all three of his matches, he played a key role in the 2007 play-off win over Australia, promoting Serbia to World Group in 2008
  • Djokovic had once used three different types of contact lenses in a match against Rafael Nadal.
  • Three is also the number of times Rafael Nadal has lost in a Grand Slam final, all three being Wimbledon.

Btw, the date too is also July 3

Sorry Andy Murray, but as of now there are only three !


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