WAT : Work And Tennis

Ask any tennis fan, the two favorite months of the calendar year?

May and June will be the answer, as you have the French and Wimbledon Championships!

Just as any other weird tennis fan, I spend my summer vacations glued to the TV Sets, watching Rafa and Roger rule the rooster! But unlike other years I am spending this period as an intern at WAT, but that doesn’t stop my love for the game. So what’s the end product of this combination? Loads of confusion and fun at the office! Here you have a WAT office’s life through tennis maniac’s eye in complete tennis terminology.

  • Ace: That’s WAT Rounak gets from Rajeev,when his posts are not on time, leaving him clueless.
  • Advantage: That’sWAT Rajeev has,after all he is the boss.
  • Alley:  That’s the total space we interns have got to work in, an alley, maybe even narrower, but still we love the         space.
  • Approach Shot : That’s WAT the company initiates, approaches new potential client through business development   presentations.
  • Bagel : Hopefully that’s not the stipend we draw, after all we have worked just as any other employee.
  • Bye : The word Anubhav wants to utter as early as possible in the day, a bye to all his colleagues.
  • Deuce: That’s where the duel between Shanu and Akhil is stuck, at deuce, no winners, nolosers.
  • Double Handed Backhand: Lethal Weapon that Arka possess i.e. his double meaning puns at others, sometimes the     victim even doesn’t know he is made a fun of.
  • Follow-through: All social media campaign need, a perfect follow-through of the actions after the plans.
  • Forced Error: That’s WAT you are drawn into when you are the Account Manager of HEADHONCHOS, anything and   everything you do seems an error to the client.
  • Grand Slam: That’s what WAT Media has achieved on completion of the first five wonderful years.
  • Linesman: Rahul, the linesman ending all the internet, computer line troubles without which the office won’t run.
  • Lob: That’s what all B2B clients and proposals seem to head towards, all over your head.
  • Love: The thing which drives me to work daily, love for the office,people and the wonderful coffee.
  • Overrule: The one thing only Ruchi is entitled to, even Rajeev listens to our Dhokla Mom.
  • Passing shot: An activity which takes up more than half of our time, making passes at others, either live or through     Facebook, twitter etc.
  • Rally: All day long that’ WAT I find Namrata and Peter engaged in, a long discussion on the next year events, just         like the never ending  Ishner-Mahut rally
  • Return: The only result to all my ideas and strategies, RETURNED back to me as all of them are pretty lame.
  • Second serve: Apparently, that’s the number of coffee/tea serves a WAT day has.
  • Seeding: Essential ingredient to a successful pitch and an award winning campaign.
  • Serve: Apparently that’s what the WAT employees spend most of their time; in the kitchen serving food.
  • Taboo zone: That’s where Dixita dwells; after all she is a day dreamer and an awesome tennis player.
  • Tie break: That’s WAT we need to end the Akhil-Shanu duel, after all there has to be a winner.
  • Time Violation: One rule which is sometimes followed, few come to the officebefore 10 :30 and even then the first          work is a breakfast.
  • Twist Serve: One thing that impresses Sahil; his undying thirst for knowledge sets him apart.
  • Unforced Error:  That’s when someone decides to skip her WAT Wednesday presentation by taking a leave.
  • Wild card: The gift to all the interns, to work in such a chill out environment, indeed a wild card.

That’s all folks, it’s always easy to be on the courtside and comment on proceedings, but difficult to play a match. WAT Media is indeed doing a wonderful job and it has a CAREER Grand Slam to achieve. Now, the ball is in your court baby!


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