UDRS Simplified


There are many flaws with the UDRS.

Snicko can’t be used because it takes too long and is easily cheated with. The whole thing costs people money and no one wants to pay for it. It takes too long. The weapons systems need to be set up manually which they often are incorrectly. Hot spot can be cheated. Sachin is against it. Simon Katich and Daryl Harper both are often involved.

All that said, it is here and now. We can all do barroom pontification on why democracy is a majorly flawed system of governance, but with an army of millions of the world’s poor and the backing of Ashton Kutcher and Stephen Fry on twitter there is little we can do to change it.

UDRS is like democracy.

And in this world cup we don’t even have a strong democracy, but a half a democracy with several of our rights not even being used.

Still, on the face of it fewer mistakes are made, wrongs are righted, and we all go home just not sad enough that we want to upset the world balance.

Then Ian Bell gets hit 2.5 meters away from the stumps. Apparently missiles can’t travel for the last 2.5 meters, so Billy trusts his original mistake.

Bell walked after seeing the video, other batsmen have been given out because of the 2.5 meter clause, and the only reason not to do it was because Billy doesn’t like to be wrong, even though you’d think he’d be used to it by now.

That this all happened against India, who have all but banned this democracy because their supreme ruler doesn’t like it, makes it even more important.

Now I’ve been on all sides of UDRS in the past. I like that it stops bad decisions, but I hate that it stops the drama and constant complaining of a truly shocking decision.

It was brought in to stop the shockers, but it spends most of its time trying to work out shades of grey, and it’s as open to interpretation as anything on the field, it just takes longer.

I like mistakes, hate it when things take time, and need to suck up to Sachin to get more hits, so I say no to UDRS.

It’s evil, boring, often wrong and doesn’t make the game better.

I want the shockers back, I want them to be instantaneous and I want the might of the Sachin Tendulkar Internet Militia to get on my side.

Anyone for the UDRS is basically questioning the sexuality and batting prowess of Sachin Tendulkar.

UDRS is as flawed as democracy and way more unnecessary. Plus it’s crap, Sachin told us so.

Yes to Sachin, No to UDRS.


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