11 Things That make to my Wish List for 2011

  • Roger Federer & Rafael Nadal pair up for the doubles circuit & with Lee and Hesh back into the frame,it would be really fascinating. Moreover the singles circuit need a break from them so we could have a new name in the G.K. Textbooks.


  • Vettel regaining his F1 World Championship in front of my eyes in the inaugural INDIAN GRAND PRIX at Greater Noida . Perfect fireworks for my Diwali weekend ; 30th Oct 2011 Nodia Calling, I just feel that I was born to witness this moment !


  • India win 2011 Cricket World Cup, that would be a fitting end to the Master’s journey that too on place of his incarnation. Also he thoroughly deserves the Bharat Ratna rather I should say that award would be obliged having Sachin’s name on it.


  • God please give me the Andy Roddick touch ! Naah I dont want to be the Ace Master,I just wanna meet the girl of my dream. Roddick flipped the pages of SPORTS ILLUSTRATED and the next thing was marrying the love of his life Brooklyn Decker, it has been ages since I have been flipping the pages of FLIMFARE, why doesn’t such magic occur to me ? Sonam I love you!


  • Fats and loads of weight, I seriously need them ! Living on the coasts of Goa I often fear the first thing that would be blown by a Tsunami hitting the Western Coast would be me 😛 ! Wish I could relive my childhood days where I used to have the chubby cheeks, Believe it or not!


  • The magic of Harry Potter or even G. C. Sarkar or anything that grants my this wish. I wish to be in two worlds at single time, Goa because the fun never ends here with my awesome gang and Ranchi as I am incomplete without this place.


  • Women Reservation Bill or in that case any bill gets passed in the parliament. Damn it, why don’t the politicians work,the Winter Session without a minute’s work cost the public a whooping 147 crores .Its a problem bigger than corruption and no JPC or PAC can solve this.


  • Hindi news channel especially India TV perform their role, rather of adding spice to every news should feature the real story. Rather of running after TRP’s they should look for developing credibility among the viewers .Else the government should limit the freedom of the Press ,we are really sick of programs such as SANSANI,SAAS BAHU AUR TV on the news channels.


  • Stop Experimenting people, stick to what you are good at, else we will get disasters! Farah Khan tried directing and we got the debacle TMK, Himesh tried acting and we got the lame KAJRA RE. Cant Imagine Ramadev baba trying out his hand at politics, free yoga for votes, Somebody please STOP HIM!



  • Crime against woman being stopped in the nation,its high time to act! I am sick of newspaper headlines filled with such stories and the its time we give the respect they deserve. Else the sex ratio in would fall to something in 700’s and people would have no option rather turning GAY 😛 !


  • A Good Priority number! 543,547,436,319, common someone explain how these are random, or the word random has a new definition. “Mera number Kab aayega?” If such remains the case then why would I go to classes? The brighter side of all this me on a holiday trip to Goa 😀 !




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