Sweet as her

Sometimes we write as its mandatory, sometimes we write as we have nothing else to do, however sometimes we meet someone whose aura just forces us to write & even words and the pen fails to capture the person…Just tell me what was d reason about me writing the following piece, enjoy it even though you find it unrelated as stories such as these happen to all of us…

A Simple Question-Do you all believe in co-incidence??? I know answers may vary, but all of you must have experienced it at sometime of the life or the other… Here is a simple co-incidence of two persons getting two adjacent seats on a 36-hr long train journey…The former being me and the latter my sweet sis (Weird, but some relations are just bound to happen!!!) Usually I travel alone, but on my way back to college this I had one of the wonderful journeys of life…At the end of it I just scanned through my dictionary to find a word apt for her but didn’t get one…See even the dictionary needs a re-edition…The journey was a testimony for me on the way to live life, I ant saying that I was dead for the past nineteen years but she just taught me a simple realistic approach to living life, the most precious gift of God…The sweet words of her-“Amit!!Why do you eat so less??? Have something yaar!!!”, still lingers into my ears, she barely knew me well for hours and still so sweet J (Sweetness reminds me of an aspect of her, quite unique but just exhilarant)

You know the best thing about her, her easy going attitude which seems a remedy to the world’s toughest situations (For her nothing is tough, the second line suits me and she’s just d Aladdin’s lamp for me, just a rub on the lamp and all your problems get solved J ) She just sticks by her stand, no matter who is in front of her and what be the matter!!! Rigid, but the right and simple way to put your stand, believe she’s the first in the world who defeats me in a discussion & I have started loving the sweet losses. Sis, in one word, you simply ROCK!!! The line “I will hit you the next time you say it!!!” is truly sweet to hear from you but I would still repeat the same mistake just to hear them…Sometimes I feel behind her this attitude lies innocent, emotional gal (Hit me if I am wrong) ,the gal whom I wish to talk all the time..Dunno why??? The way she just listens to me is am epitome of patience, hard to imagine and simply impossible to practice, I respect the valuable advices….

Sorry Sis, It’s getting too boring and you would be yawning by now, so let’s come to something really funny…I talked about her being too sweet; I know where all of it comes from….CHOCOLATES!!!! She just loves them like anything…whether it’s the cakes, cookies, ice creams, just name them & look at her carving for them…I just wish that I gift her chocolates all the time so s to see the smile on her face…But I have a big complaint… L She has put an end to my craving MAGGI (I do have it occasionally now but definitely less than before) ,trying my best to keep all of my promises….

Ya, quite strange that two months and so much of affection… for this I would say that some relationships blossoms soon because they are planted on the seeds of trust….so I guess is ours of brother-sister one…Me using the word OURS but sometimes I fear what does she think about me as I can never read the silent face of hers, sweet as if anything always bringing a lot of curiosity. Sis, we meet persons, we like/dislike them but with you it has been natural the feeling of care for you…. & so the option of liking/disliking goes altogether.

(It’s 10:30 pm in the night & surely after the tests the entire library seems a haunted place for me and I am too timid to stay here further…I would have written paras and pages on the trust but then you would have definitely got bored and killed me….I just have a wish, speak a little more about yourself( only if you wish ) else Its perfectly fine as I don’t wish to hurt you)


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